Our Farm

    While in Yakima valley, Washington Nikola and Luka saw beautiful hop farms with sizes ranging from 10 acres to over 500 acres. We met tremendous people who taught us phenomenal agricultural techniques and philosophies all of which the brothers will incorporate in their farm. However there was room for improvement in certain areas. While visiting Nick and Luke noticed some refrigeration units were holding hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of 3-5 year old hops. While touring the highest regarded farms in Yakima, the brothers saw   production facilities with grime and dust coating the machinery, walls, floors, and hundreds of birds living inside. Also while talking to craft brewers there was a common consensus that only the largest corporate brewing companies had personal service from the hop farms. From that moment we knew we had the opportunity to change certain aspects of the industry. Nikola and Luka want to help small craft brewers who are leading the charge from quantity to quality in their beer. 

     Our business will be local and personal which will help our farm build strong relationships with the breweries and our community. Business will be done with a handshake and 100% transparency, what you buy is what you get and that is guaranteed, if it does not meet those standards we will not sell it. The Matic brothers will tour the farm to all customers and show them every aspect of growing to production as well as keeping them updated on how their hop varieties are developing. Our goal is to give Ohio brewers the chance to bring their beer closer to the farm. We want to give breweries the highest quality hop strictly grown in the Cleveland area, so we can taste what an Ohio beer is all about. Our land is located in the Grand River Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) like Mosel, Bordeaux and the Sonoma/Russian River Valley, the gently rolling landscape benefits from a climate moderated by the thermal effects of a large body of water, in this case, Lake Erie to the north. micro-climate characterized by warm, sunny days and cool nights makes it one of the best viticultural areas to be found and also one of the smallest.

      The brothers are growing 3 acres in 2018 and are remodeling their harvesting facility, constructing a storage building/workshop and building a 30 acre trellis which will be ready to plant in 2019. The 2018 growing season will have a focus on experimentation, by finding what varieties grow best in our Northeast Ohio soil and how the aroma and bittering profile will change. We are currently growing Willamette, Nugget, Crystal, and Chinook... please contact us if you are interested in purchasing some Hops !

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