Our Story

     Matić Farms Owner Nikola Matic originally had the idea of starting a large-scale hop farm in Northeast Ohio after spending some time working at the vineyards a short drive away in Madison, Ohio. While watching many tourists come in and out of the vineyards, drinking wine and taking pictures he thought it was strange that there was no agriculture involved in the beer industry. After doing some research on hop farms he was struck by the beauty and thought it was something Ohioans should be exposed to and brewers had the right to experience.

     Nick and his brother Luka drove to Yakima, Washington and stayed there for over a month examining different hop farms, taking notes on trellis structure, soil, irrigation, harvesting, and other processes.  The brothers learned that a tremendous 75% of the nation's hops are grown in the Yakima Valley of Washington, with an average of 450 acres per farm with 38,000 acres harvested, but pondered the question why not Ohio? After our visit and discussing the hop industry with brewers, the brothers saw many places where the industry could improve. After the trip, the brothers took a big leap and started Matić Farms in Thompson, Ohio in 2017. Matic Farms will add a unique experience and product to the market driven by transparent and honest customer service to deliver the highest quality hops.